Meet Darren

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Darren is a 7 year old cancer warrior who has been kicking cancers butt since he was just 8 weeks old! On Oct 27, 2009, he began chemo at just 9 weeks old. He has been in active treatment off and on for a total of over 3 years of his 7 years of life so far. His low-glade glioma astroyctoma brain tumor is centered deep down in his brain, leaving surgery to remove the tumor nearly impossible. He turned 7 in August, and just celebrated 1 year chemo free in September!! He gets MRI's every 3 months to check for tumor growth, and as long as the tumors remain "stable" with no change, he's allowed to continue in this "watch and wait" phase of treatment. Chemo and radiation are very damaging to his developing little 7 year old brain, so the longer we can hold off on chemo/radiation, the better.

Darren absolutely LOVES making people smile, and is the inspiration for making "Darren's Pack" more than just his fb page. He is the oldest of 3 kids, and has a little sister Mia (5) and a little brother Matthew (2) who look up to him. He loves school, loves being the class clown and making everyone laugh, and he LOVES to dance!! Through his trials and hurdles that no child should ever have to endure, Darren always has a smile on his face, and the courage and determination of a warrior!

What is Darren's Pack?

Leonard Family

"Darren's Pack" began as a simple fb page that we used to update our friends and family of Darren's progress through chemo, scans, tests, and everything that comes along with childhood cancer. It soon began evolving into much more....a place where we could spread childhood cancer awareness, a place where people could come and help us change the lives of other kids fighting cancer, a place for positivity, inspiration, etc.

Through our 7 year journey, in some of the darkest days, it has always given our family great joy to give to the kids around us when we are inpatient, and see the smiles on their faces. We began doing little projects here and there, and now, with the help of our amazing family, friends and community (near and far), we're taking on bigger an better projects to improve the lives of kids fighting cancer all the time!! We're so blessed to have SO many amazing people who rally around Darren and our family to support us and our projects, pray for us, and ALWAYS have our back! My hope is that ONE DAY, no parent will EVER have to hear those awful words "your child has cancer."


Darren's Pack Headbands!

Order a headband and support our project to place a Touch2Play touch screen interactive game system for the oncology unit at Nemours duPont Hospital for Children.